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So where have I been?

So here’s the skinny.
I have a friend who is a writer, a very good writer. He spends a lot of time writing and has me thinking — I ought to pick up the ol’ keyboard and crank out a blog post.  
Sounds great, right? One thing that the average reader may not realize is the agony and consternation that I go through trying to decide which subject will grace my pages.
If you, gentle reader, were to google blog post ideas, you would come up with hundreds of thousands of places; articles titled “100 (or 35, or 189 or 365) new/original/best ideas for blog posts.” I could write a blog post comparing articles that offer blog post ideas!  
I think, however, I’m going to use this space today to bring you, my gentle reader, up to date with what I have been doing for the last seven months since my last blog post.
Long story kind of longish: I came to grips with the worst of my grief over the death of my mom I went to work part-time at Cracker Barrel. (Yes, they pay me to talk to people. I love America!) I…

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