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Dating and Toddlers

"Nooooooooooooooo!" was the shrieky two-year old voice that I heard a few store aisles over.  I made the cringy face as my ears were assaulted by these less-than-melodious strains.  "Wow," I thought, "that kid needs some correction." And at the same time, I empathized with the mom, because every parent has had a shrieky kid in public at some point in time. 

Speaking of being in public, it is no secret that I have had my share of online dating adventures and I have chronicled many of them on the Online Dating Diary here on the Flying Pants.  I have even had several terse conversations with God about my singleness plight.  I'm seldom satisfied with how it's going for me.  I may make fun of it, but I really am not super happy about it.  But here's something only a few know:  I am a TERRIBLE chooser of men.  Regardless of how great they may seem to be in the beginning, they eventually reveal the glaring character flaws that preclude a healthy dat…

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