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Post-Irma Meme Storm

I sincerely pray for those whose lives have been irreparably changed by the recent hurricanes and I hope that you will reach out and get the help you need.

Super Thanks to every person that has made a difference in someone's life this week.  You are the

Since they say that laughter is the best medicine, here's my favorite post-Irma memes from this week!

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Good Advice for Life and Hurricanes

In this area of the world, we are watching and waiting to see what Hurricane Irma is going to do.

TV Weather is using words like, "epic," "catastrophic," "historic," and "potentially life threatening" to describe this storm.  And, granted, a category 5 hurricane is something to be concerned about.

Here's the good thing about hurricanes:  you see them coming for days.

Here's the bad thing about hurricanes:  you see them coming for days.

So, in the days prior to Irma making landfall in the U.S., here's a few pieces of advice from a seasoned hurricane participant:

1. Think and don't panic.
Think about what you need to do and do it now, in an orderly manner.

2.  Be nice.
It's easy to be knee-jerk reaction ugly.  Take the high road and be nice to people and smile.

3.  Look for ways to help.
If you see someone you can help, DO IT.  Don't wait to be asked, jump in and ask if you can help and be a force for good.

4.  Pray.

My Faves This Week

September and Labor Day are almost here!  So here's some of this week's favorites.

Happy Labor Day!  

The Jacksonville Art scene, love, and life: 10Questions with Chaz Bäck

You will find this 10Questions a lot like a piece of really amazing cheesecake; slowly eat each piece, savoring each bite.  (Our subject will get a kick out of being compared to cheesecake.)  So please do enjoy 10Questions with Chaz Bäck.

Q:  What's your name, and what do you do?
A: I'm Chaz. Bäck. I'm a father, husband, artist, activist. I also watch way too much Law & Order.

Q: It seems to me like your name pops up wherever art is. How did you get started in art?
A: No one loved the Arts more than my mother. I blame it all on her. (amused laugh) Her love of visual art, music, theater and film, and especially the written word is probably the single biggest factor in my creative path. Starting at 5 narrating Goldilocks and the Three Bears to writing as a paid columnist at 15, along with my mother's influence and my father's tolerance let me build artistic muscle and develop a lot of creative processes at an early age.

Q. You have been vocal in the art commu…

Because You Know I Love Me Some Memes

With the exodus of dating diary, there is a void to be filled on the Flying Pants Friday edition.  Since I pretty much love memes and can speak fluently in meme, I figured I'd share some fun memes that I have run across this week.  If you have a meme theme you'd like me to feature, please contact me via social media or comment below.  This week's theme?  You know it has to be Being Single.

Note:  I have not personally created any of these memes and give full credit to whoever did.

Have an amazing weekend, whether you're single or not.

Guess I'll Go Eat Worms

Back in the days that I grew up in, days of "tuck that seatbelt in the seat so it doesn't fly around and hit you," rotary dial phones, and real food at McDonald's, there was a song that kids would sing that went something like this:

Nobody likes me,
everybody hates me,
guess I'll go eat worms.

So, all positive self-esteem podcasts aside, this is obvi not a happy song that one would sing to celebrate life.  Here's the funny thing:  in our family, it was a funny song that we would sing in happy voices because it totally never applied to us.  (Okay, maybe a pity party that no one showed up to now and then, but generally....)  It was like a funny, ha-ha thing.

Fast forward to the days of Facebook.  Now you can see in glorious, megapixel-color events that you didn't go to.   Sure, some things you look at and yay, how fun for my Facebook friends, who, for all intents and purposes, are my "friends" because I clicked confirm on a computer screen.  But t…

10Questions Post: Hint: She leaps tall buildings in a single bound....

This week we have a bonafide Superwoman on the 10Questions.  Things she's done?  All made of stuff you'd see in the movies, AND she's also Super Inspirational.  AND she's beautiful, but super nice so you have to like her.

Q:  What's your name, and what do you do?
A;  My name is Mandi Thomas, and I am a mom of two girls, a wife, a personal trainer, and I am also in school to be a firefighter.

Q:  I think all of that is pretty cool and I happen to know that you are a pretty tough cookie.  You have also had another interesting profession while you were in the military.  Tell me about that.
A:  So, my job was Human Intelligence Collector, which is a fancy term for an interrogator.  As part of the requirements to be an interrogator, you have to learn another language, so I learned Russian;  I am fluent in Russian and in Interrogation Skills.

Q:  Wow!  So how has being fluent in Interrogation Skills helped you in your everyday life and as a mom?
A:  It's been really…