Mom Stuff

Tonight was an epochal evening for me.  Tonight was the night that I actually ironed on young daughter's stars.  You see, young daughter plays rec basketball in a Christian feel-good league where we play fair, be sweet, and have a "positive circle of encouragement" or something like that.  Every week, every player gets a star for coming to practice and a star (one of five colors) that indicates her strongest skill that week.  Ideally, every parent takes these stars home and irons them on the team t-shirt.  At the end of the season, the players ideally have practice stars for every practice and stars for each game.  However, I am usually better at losing the stars than ironing them on.  This is the sixth year we have played in this league.  Six years.  And I am finally getting good at keeping up with the stars. 

This reminds me of other mom stuff that we bullet-proof moms are supposed to do, but yet I kind of find myself not liking those moms that do all the mom stuff for a brief millisecond.  Moms that make homemade Rice Krispy treats for after-practice snacks.  Or hand-smock dresses and jumpers for young children.  Or those moms that get towels monongrammed with the children's names so that they will know which is theirs in the bathroom.  Yes, I know people that do these things.  But I will tell you that one of these moms, despite her executive-husband, perfect, hand-smocked life, ended up burning out and leaving her whole family.  Yikes! 

My version of mom stuff involves box brownies made at 10 pm because I forgot about the bake sale the next day, but it also involves cheering the kids on at every game they play.  More late-night "oh yeahs" that involve laundry needed for the next day, and proudly spending the afternoon making a Romeo costume that helps get an A in a Shakespeare monologue.  Not remembering much between 1995 and 1997 due to sleep deprivation, but staying up gladly when a teenager actually wants to talk about things that matter (or not).  Yeah, my mom stuff, I think, is about the things that matter for life. (But I'm still pretty proud about the stars.)


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