My Un-Resolutions

Although I am fairly convinced that resolutions need a complete new makeover, I have made a few, the usual.   Eat better, exercise more, love more, forgive more, stop texting and driving (not that I do.)  If you ask me, people sometimes use resolutions to set themselves up for failure, but that is a completely different blog.  I am proposing Un-Resolutions.

The older I get, the more I realize that there are certain things that I just am not doing anymore.  Like for instance, as much as my kids may want me to, I am not getting in a cold pool or a cold ocean unless I want to.  I have already served my time with young kids in a pool whose temperature rivals that of most Icees.  Not doing it.  So in the spirit of Un-Resolutions, I propose the following:I refuse to eat at restaurants whose food I know is overpriced and poorly prepared…not naming any names, Castle of Italian Food….
When people are overtly stupid and their driving affects the progress of ten or more cars, I am going to break the laws of Southern hospitality and I am going to honk at them.
I am going to walk the gauntlet of supermarket check out aisles without feeling like I need to buy a candy bar.
When in a conversation that has awkwardly, painfully and obviously run its course and needs to end, I am going to choose to end it, rather than perpetuate the pain. The alternative would be to continue the obligatory small talk/listening cues.
I completely reject the idea that I need to use a dating website to find my “perfect” man.  Given my history of sometimes poor choices, I am going to let friends and family help me out.
I am going to stop pretending I am open to trying ethnic foods.  I’m not.  Don’t ask. 
Although confrontation is not really in my skill set, I am going to start telling people more of what it is.  In a nice way, of course.  If possible.
Since I do not have a child whose given name is Facebook, I am going to spend more time in actual conversation that does not involve IM.
Pursuing a master’s degree has been in the back of my mind for some time and I know what I would like to study.  Through prayer, I have decided to go ahead and start.  So I guess the un-resolution would be to stop sitting on my butt and get going on what I think God has next for me.

So what are your un-resolutions?  Please comment.

Love you, Terri


  1. I have decided that I am not going to buy something just because it is on will be difficult but it can be done....i hope.

  2. Love it! My un-resolution is to make no resolutions and to stop trying to plan everything. Bring on the serendipity!

  3. Love these! And i TOTALLY agree. Kerm, did you see the article about the woman who challenged herself to have just 33 items in each seasonal wardrobe? Including accessories! Quel horreur! I am not sure I could do that.

    And of course I am the biggest proponent of serendipity. It is so much more fun than planning real life...


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