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Bike Lanes Are Your Friend

There are many things I love about my city.It’s a big-yet-small town, which some love and some hate.(Don’t listen to the haters.They can’t afford to move to a true metropolitan area and they are taking it out on the rest of us, all the while enjoying low housing costs.)But that’s not what this blog is about. The city of Jacksonville has taken it upon itself to build and provide bike lanes and bike paths on many, many streets in our fair city.I respect that and, in fact, have researched laws applying to bicyclists so much that I know I must have at least a three-foot space between me and a bicyclist when passing said bicyclist.Which leads me to my problem, my what’s- stuck- in- my- craw, my big beef with bicycles. USE A BIKE LANE.Enough already.Even though there is a wide and smoothly paved bike path on a back road that I frequently travel, bicyclists travel in the street.What? What is that?Same pavement, different place.Do bicyclists think that cars won’t take them seriously if they rid…