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Wow. I am typing this into my IPhone as I digest Taco Bell before I head off to church. I am at 20% power, so I will have to do this quickly, rather than write it in a Word document and cut and paste it into my blog. But I have found myself living on the edge, in my own special way, a lot lately.(guilty admission: I just came out to my car to plug my phone into the car charger.) anyway, the point is that things have not been going my way lately. Things that I thought were a sure thing are now completely different.and at the same time I keep hearing that God calls us to do things we can do only on His power, which really messes with my desire for control.

Philippians 4:6 tells me to chill out, God has it totally under control. He's got this."prayer abd supplication with thanksgiving" are the words He wants to hear out of my what if I do something crazy and totally trust God? And pray for everything, rather than trying to figure out how to do it on my own? That wo…