Wow. I am typing this into my IPhone as I digest Taco Bell before I head off to church. I am at 20% power, so I will have to do this quickly, rather than write it in a Word document and cut and paste it into my blog. But I have found myself living on the edge, in my own special way, a lot lately.(guilty admission: I just came out to my car to plug my phone into the car charger.) anyway, the point is that things have not been going my way lately. Things that I thought were a sure thing are now completely different.and at the same time I keep hearing that God calls us to do things we can do only on His power, which really messes with my desire for control.

Philippians 4:6 tells me to chill out, God has it totally under control. He's got this."prayer abd supplication with thanksgiving" are the words He wants to hear out of my mouth.so what if I do something crazy and totally trust God? And pray for everything, rather than trying to figure out how to do it on my own? That would mean I have to take a risk. And feel unsafe. But it's a perceived unsafe because I am actually okay. Wow. Scary thought.
However, with the events of the last few months, I think I would rather trust someone who knows the end, rather than me, who can't see past today.
God, I want to trust you. Please take me your way, but can you please show me as much of the way as I can see and not lose sight of who you are? I know you like to work with me on a last-minute basis, do please be mysecurity and my Jehovah-Jireh. I think you need to bring me my kinsman-redeemer, so I thank you for bringing that into my life. You are so good and I'm sorry my mind is so finite that I can't grasp you who ate in your entirety. Help me to follow.

If you have ever had thoughts like this, let me encourage you to take a risk. In the most sure thing.


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