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Laundry Physics

Every now and then I have an idea that makes me think, hmm, I oughta write a blog post about that.And then I write it down in the Notes on my Iphone and look at it again in a few months.But I feel so strongly about the following words that I am compelled to write this blog post NOW. There is a separate set of physics that govern laundry.Now, I know that students of physics, two of which exist in my house as teenagers, will say that an object in motion stays in motion (as evidenced by the activity of my 71-year old mother) and that an object at rest stays at rest (as evidenced by the activity, or lack thereof, of my 74-year old father).And I know that there’s something about molecules that keeps my Diet coke from running over the sides of my glass if I over-pour just a little too much.
But one thing that I know for sure is that laundry has its own set of physics.The only reason I know that this exists is that somehow, someway, the tiniest cami strap wraps itself not only around the cente…