Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wadin' in the Jesus pool

In the words of Meg Ryan, in one of my all-time favorite movies You've Got Mail, "Don't you love daisies? Daisies are the friendliest flower."  If there's a friendlier flower, I do not know of it.  And if you go to a grocery store in Jacksonville, you are likely to see bunches of daisies in colors that nature did not create.  One day I asked the florist how in the world is it that these flowers can be these beautiful if not unnatural colors. Her reply was that the omnipresent "they" stick the daisy stems in vats of color and, much like the 7th grade science project involving food coloring and celery, the dye makes its way up the stem and eventually shows itself on the bloom, making turquoise and hot pink and bright orange daisies.
Pretend, dear reader, that there are two plastic wading pools in life. One is the Jesus wading pool. When you stick your toe or foot or feet in here, it's because you are immersing yourself in God's Word and filling up your life with pursuing God. If you keep your feet in it long enough, it gets sucked up your stem and eventually shows on your petals, much like the daisies. But if you put your feet in the world's wading pool and fill your life with media and other life choices that reflect what this secular society has to offer, it still gets sucked your stem and shows up on your petals. So what do you want your petals to look like?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Life Can Now Begin

I got an early birthday present today.  I don't consider myself hard to buy for, but I prefer to receive gifts that reflect that people have listened to me and know what I like.  (Likewise, I try to do the same for people I gift.)  But this was so thoughtful that I am starting my blog with it.  It's a Moleskine.  You might be saying, what?, as my friend Vann did on facebook.  It's a journal that records your thoughts, hopes, dreams, etc.  But the key is that pretty much every motivational speaker and writer has one and talks about it.  So I figure that I can now become QUEEN OF THE WORLD.  Or, at the very least, I can feel empowered to continue to write my book.

Sometimes I am in random places and see something that my quirky mind thinks would be an awesome blog post topic.  But if I don't write it down, it's gone, pretty much right after I tell myself, "This is such a great idea I could never forget it."  But now, with my Moleskine, which I pretty much intend to live with, will be the hunter and gatherer of those random thoughts. This is really great for all of you that read my blog, because now all the funny stuff that I see can get translated into blogdom.

This kind of reminds me of my 15th Christmas, circa 1983ish.  Take a trip back in time, if you will, to the days when Cyndi Lauper and Madonna were just beginning to shock people and most of my friends spent their time making their hair bigger.  I had declared to my parents that my life would be complete if only I could have an add-a-bead necklace, a simple gold chain with various sizes of gold beads.  Having one would be like having a really long neck, like the Burmese tribe whose girls put the rings around their necks and make it a status symbol.  Well, Christmas Day came and went, and I was the recipient of an add-a-bead necklace.  And I really loved it.  However, it did not make me the cool chick like I thought it would. 

So, to make a pointless blog a little more pointy, believing that an object will make you an amazing writer, a sick guitarist, or a cool fifteen year old is most likely flawed.  Take what you have and find ways to make it better.  And if you happen to write it down in a Moleskine, even better.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What's in a name? Food.

In the course of my day, I end up on the websites of a dozen different Baptist churches.  Usually I am trying to figure out what their most current mailing address is, which is normally not on the website.  Neither are emails.  But what I have noticed is that there are generally a few Baptist church stereotypes.  First, there's the Big Bubba Baptist Church.  These are usually located in rural areas, and the picture of the pastor shows that there may have been more than one (hundred) covered dish events in his lifetime.  The website may include the next knitting or quilting club meeting times and generally espouses conservative thinking and living.

Another type of Baptist church is the I'm-A-Baptist-Church-But-The-Word-Baptist-Is-Not-In-My-Name.  Strangely enough,  however, you will likely find one or a combination of the words Life Journey Point Fellowship Pointe Cross North Way.  These have cool websites with lots of graphic-y splashes of color describing the next Bible study.  Oh, and don't try to find "Sunday School" because this is referred to as a "life group."  It may or may not meet on Sunday.  Shocking, I know.

 The last of my stereotypes is a Big Bubba Comes to the City, which is a structurally traditional Baptist church that has decided that you can't meet the needs of the current generation with what was hot and happenin' in the 70's.  These churches may also have a cool website.  But there is a link between all of these, and that is food.  A covered dish here, a cool java hut there, but you pretty much can't swing a cat without hitting food in a Baptist church.  (Not that anyone would try to hit food by swinging a cat.  That would be sooooo unsanitary.  Plus tongs work so much better. To pick up food, that is.)  Don't get me wrong, you will find some great food at church.  But as much as these stereotypes think they are different, they're pretty much the same. 

What is the best thing about your church? 

Monday, October 24, 2011

the Beginning of the End

Well, now that we have all successfully made it past the supposed end of the world, again, I would like to propose what could be an exciting proposition for all concerned.  I will now be posting daily to this crazy little thing called my blog, and you, all four of you, should check in daily to see whassup and what's down with this life as I see it through through the life of a single mom with three teens and a whole bunch of great friends. Today, I'd just like to give a little shout-out to my awesome friend Brenda, who I have actually only known for a total of five months, but when you camp counselor-together, that propels you into the "I've known you my whole life" category.  Not only is she the most chill person I know (and I thought I was fairly chill), but she has all these talents that she is completely humble about.  Everything that I pin on Pinterest that is a watercolor anything, I know that she will pin it as well.  In fact, I can predict what she is going to pin as far as art is concerned.  As we prepared to camp-counselor together, we decided to get tote bags for our girls.  Brenda mentioned painting something on them, and I thought, sure maybe "Camp 2011" or something else completely original like that.  Brenda does her art thang, and it turns out to be this flowery mosaic with the "be" attitudes and this insanely cute felt flower and an adorbs ribbon tie.  Needless to say, I am overcome with WOW and Ms. Chill 2011 said, "oh, so you like it?"  and I can only respond, very eruditely, if I may say, with "Chyeahhh!"  There 's something about a friend that accepts you with all your quirky parts and your funny parts and the edges that are still getting worn smooth.  I am super thankful for Brenda.

What about your very good friend do you appreciate the most?