the Beginning of the End

Well, now that we have all successfully made it past the supposed end of the world, again, I would like to propose what could be an exciting proposition for all concerned.  I will now be posting daily to this crazy little thing called my blog, and you, all four of you, should check in daily to see whassup and what's down with this life as I see it through through the life of a single mom with three teens and a whole bunch of great friends. Today, I'd just like to give a little shout-out to my awesome friend Brenda, who I have actually only known for a total of five months, but when you camp counselor-together, that propels you into the "I've known you my whole life" category.  Not only is she the most chill person I know (and I thought I was fairly chill), but she has all these talents that she is completely humble about.  Everything that I pin on Pinterest that is a watercolor anything, I know that she will pin it as well.  In fact, I can predict what she is going to pin as far as art is concerned.  As we prepared to camp-counselor together, we decided to get tote bags for our girls.  Brenda mentioned painting something on them, and I thought, sure maybe "Camp 2011" or something else completely original like that.  Brenda does her art thang, and it turns out to be this flowery mosaic with the "be" attitudes and this insanely cute felt flower and an adorbs ribbon tie.  Needless to say, I am overcome with WOW and Ms. Chill 2011 said, "oh, so you like it?"  and I can only respond, very eruditely, if I may say, with "Chyeahhh!"  There 's something about a friend that accepts you with all your quirky parts and your funny parts and the edges that are still getting worn smooth.  I am super thankful for Brenda.

What about your very good friend do you appreciate the most? 


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