Wadin' in the Jesus pool

In the words of Meg Ryan, in one of my all-time favorite movies You've Got Mail, "Don't you love daisies? Daisies are the friendliest flower."  If there's a friendlier flower, I do not know of it.  And if you go to a grocery store in Jacksonville, you are likely to see bunches of daisies in colors that nature did not create.  One day I asked the florist how in the world is it that these flowers can be these beautiful if not unnatural colors. Her reply was that the omnipresent "they" stick the daisy stems in vats of color and, much like the 7th grade science project involving food coloring and celery, the dye makes its way up the stem and eventually shows itself on the bloom, making turquoise and hot pink and bright orange daisies.
Pretend, dear reader, that there are two plastic wading pools in life. One is the Jesus wading pool. When you stick your toe or foot or feet in here, it's because you are immersing yourself in God's Word and filling up your life with pursuing God. If you keep your feet in it long enough, it gets sucked up your stem and eventually shows on your petals, much like the daisies. But if you put your feet in the world's wading pool and fill your life with media and other life choices that reflect what this secular society has to offer, it still gets sucked your stem and shows up on your petals. So what do you want your petals to look like?


  1. Umm I love this. 1. U wrote it on my b'day 2. You've got mail is my fave movie ever 3. Daisies are my fave flower 4.love love love the analogy or metaphor or whatever thing it us hah. 5. Excuse my grammar/punctuation its horrid but im typing this on my phone so that's gotta count for something ;-)


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