What's in a name? Food.

In the course of my day, I end up on the websites of a dozen different Baptist churches.  Usually I am trying to figure out what their most current mailing address is, which is normally not on the website.  Neither are emails.  But what I have noticed is that there are generally a few Baptist church stereotypes.  First, there's the Big Bubba Baptist Church.  These are usually located in rural areas, and the picture of the pastor shows that there may have been more than one (hundred) covered dish events in his lifetime.  The website may include the next knitting or quilting club meeting times and generally espouses conservative thinking and living.

Another type of Baptist church is the I'm-A-Baptist-Church-But-The-Word-Baptist-Is-Not-In-My-Name.  Strangely enough,  however, you will likely find one or a combination of the words Life Journey Point Fellowship Pointe Cross North Way.  These have cool websites with lots of graphic-y splashes of color describing the next Bible study.  Oh, and don't try to find "Sunday School" because this is referred to as a "life group."  It may or may not meet on Sunday.  Shocking, I know.

 The last of my stereotypes is a Big Bubba Comes to the City, which is a structurally traditional Baptist church that has decided that you can't meet the needs of the current generation with what was hot and happenin' in the 70's.  These churches may also have a cool website.  But there is a link between all of these, and that is food.  A covered dish here, a cool java hut there, but you pretty much can't swing a cat without hitting food in a Baptist church.  (Not that anyone would try to hit food by swinging a cat.  That would be sooooo unsanitary.  Plus tongs work so much better. To pick up food, that is.)  Don't get me wrong, you will find some great food at church.  But as much as these stereotypes think they are different, they're pretty much the same. 

What is the best thing about your church? 


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