Soundtrack of your Life

Me and Mandisa get together every morning.  Well, her, Lecrae, Phillips, Craig, & Dean, Toby Mac, and a select few others.  I read a while back about how an author I follow made the "soundtrack to his life" in the time while he was trying to write a book and find success.  After reading this blog's ( ) comments, I decided to make my own soundtrack to a dream.  I listened to this just about every morning as I get ready for the day.  However, this morning I awoke to a harsh reality.

Someone, somehow, had erased all my playlists on my Iphone.  Quel horreur!  What was I to do?  Could I even take a shower or brush my teeth with my lovely Colgate toothpaste without my soundtrack to a dream?  I was a car with a flat tire in the middle of the night; I was an empty box of Diet Coke cans.  My Iphone laid there, silently mocking my deleted sense of direction in music form.  Not to be mocked by any inanimate object, I then did what any girl would do:  I made a new one.  I decided to leave every prior soundtrack song off, and to pick songs I hadn't listened to in some time. And, as I scrolled through the songs on my Iphone, I realized that there were several songs I actually really like that I had left off the first soundtrack to a dream.  And of course, the requisite bathroom dancing/singing ensued.

In my life-relection time, also known as brushing-my-teeth-time, I thought about how I was using just this one playlist to help me focus on my goals for the day.  If I can change my playlist, I can probably also evaluate how my current goal-seeking methods are working and if I need to change anything up in the arena as well.  What are my current goals?  Are they really what's most important and what I'm passionate about right now?  I have recently started helping a friend with the social media for his business and I love doing that.  I have our church's Girls Weekend coming up, which is one of my favorite activities with my middle school girls. 

So this is what it is:  Do you have a soundtrack for your dream?  Want to make one?  What would you include?  Whatver appeals to you most, I'm sure that Mandisa and I will approve.


  1. Great blog! I love that u use music to keep u mindful of goals and that this mishap worked for u! I can so hear u saying this (or doinh this- read-dancing in the bathroom) so thanks for keeping it real...awesome idea that i will def implement.


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