Putting Things Off

If there were a prize or a competition for putting things off, I am fairly certain that I would be the winner, or at least in the top 5.  If there were a Procrastination Pageant, I can imagine that the top 5 contestants (if they made it on time) would be subject to questions from the judges (who would inevitably be non-procrastinators) such as:  "A turtle is, by reputation, one of the slowest animals in nature.  How do you think a turtle procrastinates and becomes even slower?"  But I digress. 

This post is really about the opposite of procrastination, which I think is planning.  I have seen, on a few occasions, how planning ahead can make a day go by oh-so-much better and more smoothly.  I decided that I would write down a list of things I would like to finish this year, and thus far this list has pretty much sat on my desk and I look at it on a fairly daily basis.  But looking at a list doesn't make things happen.  A list is an inanimate object that exists to record what you think should happen.  I was sitting with The Boyfriend the other day and thinking about fun things to do.  He, in his organized way, asked what kind of budget we were working with and I said, "Hey, it's a list.  You can put anything on a list."

So, in an effort to do more than write a list, I am going to go ahead and put my MEdia Choices here in blog form.  I did this for a youth camp, but it has turned out to be pretty valuable to a few people, and so I want to share it with the blogosphere.   Another item on my list is to wrangle two speaking engagements for MEdia Choices, so if you or someone you know works with youth and would like to have an awesome, FREE speaker come to your youth group or conference, give me a holla. 

What else is on the list?  Walk two 5K races with Youngest Daughter, read through the Bible, and keep praying about financial aid for Oldest Daughter and Only Son.  I am looking for God to do some huge things!!! 

Do you have a list that you keep putting off?  Why not write it down?  It's the first of twelve steps for us procrastinators.


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