A Case of Mistaken Identity

It's amazing what you can learn from someone's email.  In fact, I am a little envious of another Terri Brown that I can only assume has a similar email to mine, terri_brown@hotmail.com.  I have been receiving emails meant for her for years now.  From these misdirected emails, I know that she regularly visits the dentist, drives a Mini Cooper, and is a medical coder by profession. She also lives in sunny Van Nuys, California, which in my mind kind of makes her a little cooler than me, since I can only reason that tan, skinny, beautiful, Mini Cooper-driving women with beautiful teeth live in Van Nuys, CA. 

So now what if someone decided what kind of person I was based on my emails?  Or my facebook posts?  Or my tweets?  Would they decide I was a person that loves God and really does try to follow Him, regardless of my weaknesses and shortcomings?  Or would the shallow, selfish part of me that I try to fight come out and show its ugliness? 

I heard a song this morning that has inspired me to greatness and I hope you'll listen to it and let it inspire you too.  So this one's for you, Terri Brown of Van Nuys, CA, from Terri Brown, of Jacksonville, FL.


  1. Great song, Terri Brown of Jacksonville, Fl.....and great blog, too! I'm eventually going to get back to mine. Eventually. =)


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