Three Reasons To Say I Love You

You may already think you are in charge of this blog just by reading the title.  You already know why.  But as is the par for Flying Pants, we’re going somewhere else with this. 
“I love you” are possibly the three greatest words you can say.  The three worst words? “There’s no Frostys.”  Seriously, though, expressing the sentiment of love is a wonderful, encouraging thing.  I am a big fan of saying it because you mean it, not because it’s three words that fill up dead air space.  So, with that in mind, I humbly present three reasons for saying THE WORDS:
1) You have children. 
When children are young, telling them that you love them not only lets them know they are loved, but saying kind words in a loving tone teaches them to use soft voices and loving tones.  Children’s behaviors are often “caught” more than they are “taught.”  Your actions as a parent teach volumes.
When children are tweens/teens, saying “I love you” can be what shores up their day when they are battling issues like self-esteem, peer pressure, and doubt.  Regardless of how old they are, and how much they think they know, they still need to be told that they are loved.  And I would also add “You are special” and “I’m praying for you.”  Anyone that has ever gotten the word “fine” as an answer to “How was your day?” knows that a lot more went on than is being told.  Reminding your teen of your love and your care may not be immediately embraced with open arms, big hugs, and “Yes, Loving Parent, thank you so much,” but anything that gets said enough STICKS.
2) You have a spouse.
Ooey-gooey love in dating and the first years of marriage is sure to elicit many affirmations of love.  And I say, go for it, say it a million times a day if you want.  This is the easy part.  But when you’re up for the third night (and I mean from 11 pm to 6 am or later with NO sleep) in a row with a colicky baby, saying “I love you,” caring for your spouse, and meeting his or her needs is the kind of cement that holds a marriage together.  Or when one partner is facing a difficult challenge, like illness, a loved one’s death, or financial woes, saying the words is like saying “I’ll be here for you, even when it’s tough. We’re in this together.”
3) You have friends.
Having a friend that you love makes life great.  Letting them know you appreciate and love them goes a long way.  Check out this video that my friend Brenda, who I love, shared with me:
So go show some love already.


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