Who Needs a GPS?

REally.  Seriously.  Who needs a GPS?  If you have been a place a gazillion times, do you really need a voice in a box to tell you where to go?

I didn't think so.  I was taking Young Son and Youngest Daughter to Busch Gardens for Spring Break.  We have been there countless times and have never gotten lost.  We took off south, cruised through Orlando, and set off even further south to the Land of Reasonably Priced Theme Park Food.  It wasn't until we were seeing signs for towns south of Tampa that I started to wonder if we had gone the wrong way.  (Yeah, not much gets past me.)  After Young Son determined that we were indeed further south than we needed to be, we turned on the GPS and I put in the address.  After taking a tour not only through a construction zone and school for crack dealers, we ended up on the other end of Busch Blvd., effectively placing us in the "still hopelessly lost" category.

One legal U-turn later, we were FINALLY headed towards Busch Gardens. We ended up having a great time once we got there. But getting there was a task of beastly proportion.  The GPS got us there, kind of, after taking a crazy route.

It's kind of like being the middle child or an artsy kid or a kid that walks his own wiggle.  Everyone can read a map and know how to get through high school, go to college, get a job, get married or want to, and do their own thing.  But when you have your own bent and want to do things the way that makes sense to you and sometimes just because it's not the way everyone else would do it, getting "lost" and taking a crazy route is not so crazy.

My friend Steve Raye, "Satchel" to most, was the most popular guy in our senior class and everyone loved him. After graduation, he made pizza and floated around the country, makin' friends and takin' names wherever he went.  He made Gainesville his home and got himself a wife, kids, and an awesome 
restaurant/art gallery that is famous. Satchel's Pizza is an innately cool place, even without awesome pizza and Lightning Salvage, an eclectic art gallery that gives a local artist a chance. Check it out at http://www.satchelspizza.com/ He followed his own GPS and is successful by the standards he measures success by (and, by the sales figures, successful by any means).

Finding your way may mean you get a four-year degree.  Or it may mean you follow your dream to art school.  Or maybe you have a four-year degree and want to go to art school  Whatever it is, GO. Find  your way, whether it's khaki-Dockers-and-polo-bound or if you have absolutely no idea where you're going next.  And leave the GPS at home.


  1. I really love your blog. I should just go through and type funny, interesting, and cool to all of your posts because that's what they are! Hope you keep writing. :)


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