Top 14 ways to eat a Butterfinger

Just a small sample of Lori's insanely large supply of candy
I'm lying.  There are actually not 14 ways to eat a Butterfinger.  I mean, there may be, but I know of just a few.

My partner in crime at work, Lori, keeps a ridiculously large jar of "bite-size" chocolates near her desk.  This is right next to the leadership poster that makes seagull noises to provide a soundtrack for the eagle pictured on the poster.  (Seriously, with stuff like this, my blog writes itself..... :)) Anyhoo, as I ate a bite-size Butterfinger in two bites rather than the self-prescribed one bite, cohorts Lori AND Charlene filled me in on the correct way to eat a bite-size Butterfinger, which is apparently to let the chocolate melt off in your mouth and then to daintily use your bicuspids to shave off parts of the candy until it's gone. 

This is in direct violation of my candy manifesto, which clearly states than any candy worth having can be eaten immediately without any required preparatory action, i.e., letting the chocolate melt off.  But this brought to mind a thought:  How many unique ways are there to do things?  For example, I do carefully remove the candy shell from plain M&M's before eating the chocolate center.  (This is the one proviso to my candy manifesto.)

How things should be
Ex-Boyfriend and I learned early on that we had a major, yet insignificant, difference:  I am a lid person, he is not.  In fact, at one of our first lunches together, he REMOVED the lid from my disposable cup while we were eating.  Now, as a person who has raised three children that were very close in age, I was immediately taken aback that a person would drink from a cup without a lid, because, as any mother knows, all small children must have lids.  Unless she enjoys cleaning up after said small children.  But E-B, never having had children and lived a normal adult life, did not feel the need to protect the table from a spill, which apparently is a normal assumption to make as a child-free adult. 

So how does a person develop this strong belief in what he does?  Is it over time?  Is it a result of a freak cup-without-lid accident?  Hmm. How many things are there quirky about me that I don't even realize? How many things about you are quirky that  you may or may not realize?  I also think that raisins that look like chocolate chips in cookies are a gyp, that meat mixed with sweet stuff is WRONG, and anything more than a micron-depth application of mayonnaise is gross. 

So what about you, out there in the blogosphere?  What is your quirky weird food thing?  Leave me a comment.  And I might just send you a Butterfinger.


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