Oh Summertime, how I love thee

I have to think that summer is my favorite time of year.  Of course, living in the Sunshine State (aka Mosquito state)  like I do, it is easy to come across a sunny day between May and October.  You're never too far from the beach in the state of Florida, and it's a likely chance that some body of water is nearby.  It's not considered abnormal to wear a beach coverup inside a fast-food, or in the case of Christian Chicken, a quick-service restaurant.  I also like that there are certain rules that we Floridians are just, well, exempt from. 
Aren't these cute?  Love.

Like, white shoes are really a year-round choice, depending on what the weather is.  I mean, really -- if it is 80 degrees at Christmas, it's hard to NOT take a picture of yourself by the pool in a Santa hat. So wearing white shoes is really not a hard stretch of the ol' imagination.  Likewise, I know that it gets cold after Labor Day in some places, but everyone in Florida knows that September is just when hurricanes are starting to get active and it won't get cold (i.e., 60 degrees) until November, maybe.

And then there's socks.  If there was a more out-of-place fashion choice in Florida, I DON'T want to know what it is.  (Let me pause for all the athletes to talk about how they're so necessary for sports.  Additional pause.) I mean, why do you think that the consummate "funny Florida tourist" costume includes white socks and sandals?  They're just so wrong.  I believe it is a state-of Florida constitutional right to not wear socks.  Now, if my feet are legitmately cold, then I would wear them.  If I chose to. 
WRONG shoe fashion choice anywhere you are.

State beverage of Florida
Kudos to the 7-11 people for coming out with a low-cal slurpee.  All you other slurpee/Icee/etc. people need to follow suit and get with the program.  What is better on a really hot day than a drink that is actually ice?  Yum.  Just in case you wondered, I like to mix banana and blue.  It's a taste celebration.

Another rule for everyone north of Florida that we don't follow is snow days.  We DO have "weather days" which can cover any of the following: a foot of rain that floods the streets OR wind/tornados OR actual hurricanes.  I mean, all it really takes is one downed tree across a major traffic artery and it's all over.  No one's going anywhere (without a lot of traffic.)   

Ahh, summer.  No shoes, no shirt, no problems.  Give me a bathing suit and a pair of flip flops and I'm golden.  Dawn patrols, days at the beach, floating around the pool with some friends and some food on the grill.  There's really not anything much better.  And when it is 4000 degrees, or feels like it, all it takes to feel better is to remember it will be 70 degrees in January.


  1. One question for you......is "Christian Chicken" a restaurant I've never heard of, or a reference to Chik-fil-A that I've never heard of?? I'd like a Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich, please....


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