I Like It

If you know anything about me at all, you probably know that I am on Facebook.  I started out being a "protective parent" to see what my then-young teen children were doing, but now my Facebook presence has evolved into me interacting with friends who are my age.  Yeah, I'll comment or like something on one of my daughter's or son's friends' pages, but just because it's cute or funny or pithy.  

I realized the other day that I "like" a LOT of things on Facebook.  To me, it's kind of an affirmation that a person has posted something worthwhile and not just letters taking up space.  Then there is the ubiquitous posting about something sad, like a death or illness.  It's always weird to "like" that, because I wonder if my friend gets the idea that I am commiserating with them in their time of need, not that I find something great about something bad.  

I like that there's NOT a "don't like" button to choose on Facebook.  I love that people have to choose to be positive and there is no room to be negative, except if you actually take the time to write a comment, in which case I think you are licensed to express your opinion, even if you are stupid or thoughtless or just plain mean.

But what if there was never an opportunity to be negative?  What if you always had to either express your like or zip your lip?  This kind of makes me think about Philippians 2:3, "Don't act out of selfish ambition or be conceited. Instead, humbly think of others as being better than yourselves."  

Why not use your words today to "like" people?  You may not like everyone.  I don't like everyone.  But something positive can be said about everyone.  For example, my ex-husband is an excellent trip planner and a great money manager. 

So go out and like somebody.  Give 'em the thumbs up.


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