What's Your Vote?

Some days I think I totally get the small-town charm thing. I voted recently, and my voting place is at a church near my house. You would have to know it was there to find it, even though it's been there probably 40 years. 

What I like about it is that it is the epitome of a "sleepy little place." We don't have picketers on voting days, nor does anyone seek us out for exit polls. You come, you go, and in between , you see that the people in our voting district are pretty much the same, that is, middle ageish regular people that probably have a dog or a cat and kids and cook out on holidays. There's a few young 20's thrown in here and there for a little spice. And I like that.

Conversely, my aunt and uncle live on about 20 acres in Dasher, GA, surrounded by a 100-acre swamp. It is super quiet and a nice place to get away for a night or two. You can hear yourself think.  Really.  Like the actual neurons firing.  And you may not see anyone on the road when you drive somewhere.  In exchange for this very quiet and slow way of life, however, there is a tradeoff. Sure, Jacksonville closes down by 10, but there are places and things TO close down. I do have to tell you that I talked to her the other night and they were so bored that they went to the Wendy's parking lot to watch it rain.

Maybe I'll stay in the city after all.  What's your vote? City or country?


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