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Motorcycles, Hondas, and convertibles

Chances are, you are going to go somewhere this week.  Maybe you'll walk, ride a bike, or drive a car to your destination.  I have a Honda Accord that I am pretty much in a committed relationship with -- it's dependable and looks good.  But if someone drove up in a cool convertible or a big motorcycle, I would pass up the Honda.  Not that I don't love my little car, but how fun to feel the wind in your hair and feel like you are in a commercial for "cool."

Riding on a motorcycle or in a convertible would make the ride more fun and adventurous, kind of like you are in a action flick.  You'd still get to the same destination eventually, but the way you get there would be much more enjoyable.

In the same way, raising children, helping out with elderly parents, having a financial difficulty, waiting for Mr. or Mrs. Right, working for that next big promotion -- you could discount each of those experiences for how difficult it is, what the disadvantages are, how you …