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Walking in the Dark.

Amidst the Honey Boo Boos, storage container auction shows, and the car repossession shows, one would think that there isn't anything worth watching.  As a huge Downton Abbey fan, I of course would be inclined to say, yes, there is TV worth watching. 

The other night, however, I watched a show with younger daughter that made me think. 

A certain game show puts its players in complete darkness and they have to do various things, like identify objects with their tongues/mouths, feel objects and guess their weight, and the funniest, sit in a bathtub filled with water and have a bucket of something poured in and they have to guess what it is.

It is HYSTERICAL to watch grown men scream like girls while sitting in a bathtub and a bucket of artichokes (or sticks of butter, or frogs) are poured in  the tub.  The spiky ends made them think they were some kind of dangerous animal.  Seeing people respond to the unknown in the dark made us literally LOL.

Then I got to thinking about Daniel …