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Part one of five

Hey howdy hey, it’s me again.Just when you thought it was safe to get back into the blogging water, I strike with the fierceness of a shark with marshmallow teeth.Fear me. I am actually going to start a five-part blog based on a breakout session I did for our middle schoolers at camp.It really does apply to everyone, so I hope you benefit from this in a way that you never thought possible. My breakout session was about denying the lie, and we talked about different media that misrepresents life as we know it.To help the girls make good media choices, I gave them five guidelines by which they can gauge the purity of a song, movie, TV show, etc.I’m going to expound on each of these five guidelines, each in their own pretty package of a blog. The first is this:Is this something that honors God and shows Him respect? It’s amazing how far the world we live in has drifted away from God.God’s original plan for man was wrecked by sin, because Adam and Eve wanted to be in control and be like God…