Chocolate Stash

Oh, you know who you are.  You, the mom or other woman who surreptitiously buys chocolate "for work," or "for Sunday School," or even better (and by better, I mean less believable) "stocking up for Valentine's/Easter/Halloween/Christmas...because it's a good deal."

My mom is one of these people.  For decades, she has had a stash.  A chocolate stash.  The actual stash location has moved over the years, but I know at any given time, there is a bag of chocolate or graham cracker cookies coated in chocolate or chocolate minis SOMEWHERE in her house.  To her credit, my mom is forever trying to lose those pesky THREE pounds she "needs" to lose.  Uh-huh.  It's like that.

Once, while putting some laundry away in the cavernous closet she has, I heard the unmistakable crinkle of a plastic bag containing chocolate.  Like a jungle cat on the prowl, I started looking, aware I had unearthed the new stash location.  Under hanging clothes, in a bag, were some chocolate miniature bars.

For this PMS chick, that was alllllllllll it took.  I ate a few, and then carefully put them back, knowing that I could come back to that stash, as long as I kept it secret, meaning, don't tell the kids.

I am so fortunate that God is not like me!  When He says, "And I will give you treasures hidden in the darkness—secret riches. I will do this so you may know that I am the Lord, the God of Israel, the one who calls you by name," He is promising to take his stash of amazing and share it with me openly, without wanting to hold some back for later on! 

The next, and coolest thing, in my humble opinion, is that He does this, not because He values treasure and secret riches (or secret stashes of chocolate), but because He wants me to know how personally He loves me.  This is so mind-blowing!  Jehovah Elohim, the term used here, means Lord God.  Like the Really Big Kahuna. The CEO. A deity so important and at the top of the chain wants to call ME, a chick that falls for chocolate like 4000 dominoes, by NAME and He wants to give me treasure, riches-- not just convention-hall swag with his name imprinted on it.

So here it is -- I am so highly valued by the God of the Universe.  I truly am made for more than Poptarts.  Or chocolate.  I am made to be the recipient of treasure.  Riches.  That makes me not only want to seek God out more, but to stand up straight and be confident in my role as a child of God. 

Stash?  Don't want it.  God's Treasure?  Seeking it.  Won't you join with me?


  1. I love your analogy of God's treasures and your mom's chocolate stash, Terri! We are made for more than chocolate and pop tarts, but wow, these things can be hard to turn down. I'm with you though- seeking God's treasure, trying to stay out of the chocolate stash!

  2. Terri, you had me cracking up at your mom's "forever trying to lose those pesky THREE pounds"!!!

    We ARE made for so much more than chocolate!! Thank you for this sweet (pun intended ;) ) reminder!!

    In His love,
    Pat (OBS Blog Team)

    1. Yeah, my mom is tiny. Must be all those fruits and veggies and exercise. :)I'm glad you liked it!


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