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8 things mothers of teens know that mothers of preschoolers don't

I <3 James Dobson.
He and his organization, Focus on the Family, were so invaluable to me as a young mom with 3 kids under 5.  Some days I just did not know how to cope with a strong-willed child or how to get my house clean or how to be the mom I thought I would be.  And  I would listen to his radio broadcast and get some clarity for that day.  
So in that same frame of mind, with preschool and elementary years way behind me, here's a few tips for my friends who are moms of that age.
1.  You will either take extreme pride or extreme indifference over how many birthdays you did cupcakes or whatever for school.  I'm more on the pride side, because taking cupcakes on birthdays made me feel like I did something right.  But I have a friend on the indifference side who asked me, "How many birthdays do you remember now that you are an adult?"
2.  I still don't know of a child who took a pacifier to kindergarten.
3.  All the tricks and games I used to get young son p…