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Pinky Toe

I had a hard time sleeping the other night. Wasn't worried about a child, a bill, or a boyfriend. Instead, I had the smallest blister on the outside of that poor, neglected pinky toe.
This tiny, seemingly insignificant thing throbbed like a three year old crying two aisles over in Walmart --so annoying. I could have gotten up for a bandaid or some Tylenol, but that would have required getting out of my very comfy bed.
The next morning it was fine, but I was like, DANG. One little thing threw me off almost all night.
You may be wondering about now why you should care.
Here's the point: the body of Christ has many parts, and when one of those parts is down, the rest of the body needs to get its butt out of bed and go get some spiritual Tylenol. 
That would have been an easy fix for me the other night, but I was too comfortable and didn't care enough to get up and help this poor little toe feel better.
How am I using my time, talents, and treasure to be spiritual Tylenol? How am I…

The Absolute Last Thing Anyone Wants To Do

On the list of things I like to do:   (In no particular order) Eat pizza.  Take beach vacations. Spend time with all of my children.

On the "Not So Much" list:  Discuss my emotions, which leads me to today's blog post.

In conversation with the BFWKYBWYNI (Best Friend Who Kicks Your Butt When You Need It), I realized that these down and out emotions I have been having recently are pretty much legit. In the last year:
my dad died,
my youngest moved to her dad's,
my work underwent a major restructuring and reduction in force (and since I shuffle the papers in HR, dealt somehow with each one),
my relationship with an amazing man ended in a very non-fairytale way, and
my parents' home of thirty-eight years is on the market. 

So my BFWK....(you know)  said a normal person would be having a difficult time with all these changes.

So rather than taking out my emotions on a half-gallon of organic mint chip ice cream I know happens to currently live in my freezer, her…

Four Places You Will Not Find Fat People

Supersize Me.  Fast Food Nation.

Alternately, the Whole 30.  Paleo.  Atkins.  Weight Watchers.  Trim Healthy Mama (THM).  Advocare. Mayo Clinic Diet.  Marie Osmond and NutriSystem.  Over one million results from a Google search of juicing.

All these address people who, by all means and measures, are probably clinically obese.  As a person who has heart disease on both sides of my family tree, I am concerned with how I eat and getting exercise. 

But without resorting to easy, popular topics like body shaming, the Kardashians, or celebrity cellulite, can we talk, people?  I ran across this on facebook and I literally laughed out loud. 

So with respect for skinny and fat people alike, I humbly submit my list of place you will NOT find fat people.  Besides places that are cold and you need body fat to survive.  (Just sayin'.)
1.Abercrombie and Fitch
Just don't even start me.  Stores that openly discourage non-size 2-8 from shopping in their stores have some serious, elitist insec…

Three Reasons to Celebrate My Birthday


That's how I'm responding to birthday wishes this year.  Hashtags get some attention, and it's a fun way to say a lot in a few characters.  But there's an agenda behind it.

This year ends with me gaining some wisdom and a few battle scars that make my heart remember where I've been.  But another year begins, and I am more excited about this next year than I ever have been before.  Thus, three reasons why I'm uber excited about this next year (besides getting birthday cake).

1.  I'm becoming aware of my need:
Just like how I can hear my children call my name in a busy store, I realize my need to discern God's voice  and follow in obedience. I can hear a bunch of different kids say Mom, but I know when it's my child saying it. Likewise, I want to know what God says in His word to us, the Bible, so that I recognize the stirring of my heart when God moves in that still, small way.
2. I'm (trying) to move when God says move:  God has given me…

Guest Blogger Haley Hancock

I am blessed to have amazing young adult children and their friends are equally amazing.  I invited our friend Haley to share her latest blog post because I just love it.  So please welcome..... Haley Hancock!   There are so many things in life that can cause you to become blind to the faithfulness of Christ in your every day life. A common one for a lot of children and families is divorce. I recently experienced this in my own life and honestly there where times when I wondered if it would ever end. There were many nights spent in prayer that God would somehow save my family. All I wanted was for my family to go back to the way it had been. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?  A lot of times we get so caught up in our own wants and what we think we need that we decide they’re better than whatever God wants for us. We turn our prayers into Christmas lists instead of asking for God’s will to be done in our circumstances. I had a friend tell me about how she had begun prayer journal…

Footsteps, revised

You've probably heard of the poem, Footprints, where a person recounts his walk with Christ as footprints in the sand. He learns that when he thought he was alone, it's then that Christ carried him, leaving just one set of footprints. 
Great poem, but it leaves my ADD mind wondering how big God's feet are!.
I am spending a few glorious days with all of my children at Daytona Beach, which is an annual family trip. As they have gotten older, our activities and schedules have changed, leaving me now with a wonderful opportunity to take an early morning walk on the beach, while my college age children sleep in. 
Yesterday I llaced up my shoes and took off, ready for a walk with a beautiful view. I walked a mile one way and turned around to come back.
What I didn't expect to see was today's life lesson painted on a broad canvas   in front of me. 
I could see where my shoes had left their footprints on my trip out, but had inadvertently crossed over another random set of foot…

Two Reasons Why I Don't Blog More and Two Reasons Why You Don't Get More Done

I pretty much love my blog.  I love to write and I have a million ideas.  So why aren't there more?  Here's why:
1)  I am too hard on my ideas.
Have  you ever had an original thought and said to yourself, "Eh, that's not such a great idea," and then forgot about it?  I am the worst about writing stuff down, so if I have an idea that I think will be the next Nobel prize winner for greatest blog post, I am soooo writing it down.  But that same idea has to go through a whole bunch of negative thoughts before it makes it to the Nobel prize list.

2)  I'm basically kind of lazy.  
And I may be talking about some other people out there, but especially ME.  If I get on the computer, I have to check my facebook and wow, look at this sweet video about a paralyzed puppy or people sitting in a ball pit having meaningful conversation, which by the way is time well spent.
So it's easy to get distracted and not be focused.

3)I want to tell God w…

How to Turn a Chicken into a Chicken Quesadilla Without Even Trying - A Successfully Single blog post

Okay.  First things first, I'm a realist.  
There is a slim to none chance I am cooking every night, especially when my friends down at Publix are cooking rotisserie chickens ANYWAY.  I will go hunt and gather one for myself.  
But most fortunately, this post is not about my cooking.

This post is about a statement that makes me internally roll my eyes, or feel like I need to.  I smile/cringe when I hear a very well-meaning person say to a single person, "If you just stop looking, the right person will come along."  

Mike drop. And exit stage left.
If I walked into Publix and gazed lovingly at the rotisserie chickens just cookin ' away and said to the deli guy, "you know, if those chickens wait long enough, they will turn into chicken quesadillas all by themselves," he would probably shuffle off pretty quickly and wonder if I need medication. 
So why do people assume that if I, or any single person, wait long enough, I will magically meet the right person to marry…

Waffle Fries Bring Clarity


If you have ever emoted those words within a short period of time, then you can relate to how I felt the other day.  I had a morning where I was a failure as a mom, forgot to do something fairly low on the importance scale at work, and then had a friend do something that left me a little disgusted and disappointed.

It was a Wednesday, and in my small world Wednesday is the day to eat lunch at Chick-fil-a.  So Amazing Friend and I did like we normally did, and as I sat down with my #1 meal, I felt some emotional stability ebbing from my paper carton of waffle fries.

Waffle fries are there for you.  They are always waffle-y, warm, and dipped in Chick-fil-a sauce, are a little bit of heaven.  But today, there was more.

I realized that some things are always the same, like waffle fries. But some things are always in flux, on the move, and susceptible to change.  Am I really the worst mother ever?  No.  Did my job depend on this small forgottance?  (an event where y…


Ever felt frustrated by the perfect lives people live on Facebook?

Ever left Facebook because people are so fake?
Ever taken the same picture 24 times to get it just perfect?

Then you, my friend, need a big dose of #ForRealFriday.

I have a group of dear, sweet, very close friends and we share the gritty details of our lives in a secret group on Facebook.  Not to be exclusive, but TRUST ME, not everyone will want to know the gory, tear-stained, raw details of our ordinary, overwhelming lives.  But one friend started the idea of #ForRealFriday after reading an article about the same thing.

So here's the deal:  Take a picture that's not staged, filtered, edited, or re-taken 24 times to get it just right.  Maybe it's your kid having a meltdown.  Or you without makeup (I know, uncomfortable.)  Or what your house looks like when you're not expecting company.

The temptation is this:  be perfect.  be cute.  be monogrammed.  be pretty.  be caffeinated.

The reality is this:  c…

No Charger Needed

Sometimes I charge my phone by hooking it up to my computer.

Whenever I do, I get this message on my phone:
And of course, I always touch TRUST because this is the computer I use everyday at work and there are a gazillion security things that keep it "clean."

What if people we met came with the same kind of banner?  Maybe with a notification that read something like, "This is a person you can trust," or "You need to walk away NOW because you cannot trust this person."

Trusting people is easy for some, not so much for others.  I think it depends on how your life has gone up until this point.  If you're fortunate, you have been surrounded by a healthy family unit and reliable friends.  But I don't know of anyone who has not put his trust in a person and been horribly let down at least once.   It's just a casualty of life.

So how do you know who you can trust?  Which people do you put your faith in and count on?  The answer is kind of a non-ans…

I Learned 2 Things at Chipotle Tonight

"Keep your body parts on that side of the glass." 
That sign at Chipotle always makes me laugh a little. I always think about a kidney or a lung trying to migrate across the almighty glass. 
But beyond keeping my body on the right side of the glass, I learned two things tonight. Yes, Chipotle is good for a life lesson, or two, in this case.
I waited in line and when it was my turn, I said the first two most appropriate things, which was "steak bowl." The Chipotle girl very politely said, "it's going to be a few minutes for steak." And it was actually just a few minutes. 
So Lesson 1: tell the truth and be accurate. Whether it's a steak bowl or why you're going to be late, be truthful and be accurate. If you are 5 minutes away, say "Im 5 minutes away." If you're 30 minutes away, don't say "I'm almost there." 
Even for someone like me, who is a terrible liar, I can say, "I'm almost there." Because it'…