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I Learned 2 Things at Chipotle Tonight

"Keep your body parts on that side of the glass." 
That sign at Chipotle always makes me laugh a little. I always think about a kidney or a lung trying to migrate across the almighty glass. 
But beyond keeping my body on the right side of the glass, I learned two things tonight. Yes, Chipotle is good for a life lesson, or two, in this case.
I waited in line and when it was my turn, I said the first two most appropriate things, which was "steak bowl." The Chipotle girl very politely said, "it's going to be a few minutes for steak." And it was actually just a few minutes. 
So Lesson 1: tell the truth and be accurate. Whether it's a steak bowl or why you're going to be late, be truthful and be accurate. If you are 5 minutes away, say "Im 5 minutes away." If you're 30 minutes away, don't say "I'm almost there." 
Even for someone like me, who is a terrible liar, I can say, "I'm almost there." Because it'…