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I Learned 2 Things at Chipotle Tonight

"Keep your body parts on that side of the glass." 

That sign at Chipotle always makes me laugh a little. I always think about a kidney or a lung trying to migrate across the almighty glass. 

But beyond keeping my body on the right side of the glass, I learned two things tonight. Yes, Chipotle is good for a life lesson, or two, in this case.

I waited in line and when it was my turn, I said the first two most appropriate things, which was "steak bowl." The Chipotle girl very politely said, "it's going to be a few minutes for steak." And it was actually just a few minutes. 

So Lesson 1: tell the truth and be accurate. Whether it's a steak bowl or why you're going to be late, be truthful and be accurate. If you are 5 minutes away, say "Im 5 minutes away." If you're 30 minutes away, don't say "I'm almost there." 

Even for someone like me, who is a terrible liar, I can say, "I'm almost there." Because it's a little true. Compared to being in Minnesota, I am relatively almost there. But put me on the other end of "I'm almost there" and I get all self-righteous about the wrongness of relative truth. 

Lesson #2: take time to slow down and listen. 

Yes, Mr. Chipotle, there is a difference between "sour cream" and "sour cream and guac on the side," But when you are on the food side of the glass, not only is there a break in the space/time continuum, but it's The Fast and The Furious meets Food Service. 

So my apparently faulty sentence structure resulted in the sour cream being in the wrong place. Mr.Chipotle was quick to point out I had said sour cream, to which I responded, yes, sour cream and guac ON THE SIDE. 

But since one of my life mantras is "live and learn," this is what I take away from this experience: am I quick to respond to the first thing I hear, or do I listen to a whole thought before I respond? 

Being a parent to teens, this is a key idea. Listening is huge, and listening to everything. It's so easy to go knee-jerk reaction, but to think about what was said and what it means for your teen or young adult is harder. 

I can tell you how I have failed at this, and I can remember some moments I shone. I can also predict I will shine and fail again. But knowing I need to listen is the hugest part of something huge. 

It's been a pretty big night. I think it's time for some guac. On the side. 

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