Ever felt frustrated by the perfect lives people live on Facebook?

Ever left Facebook because people are so fake?

Ever taken the same picture 24 times to get it just perfect?

Then you, my friend, need a big dose of #ForRealFriday.

I have a group of dear, sweet, very close friends and we share the gritty details of our lives in a secret group on Facebook.  Not to be exclusive, but TRUST ME, not everyone will want to know the gory, tear-stained, raw details of our ordinary, overwhelming lives.  But one friend started the idea of #ForRealFriday after reading an article about the same thing.

So here's the deal:  Take a picture that's not staged, filtered, edited, or re-taken 24 times to get it just right.  Maybe it's your kid having a meltdown.  Or you without makeup (I know, uncomfortable.)  Or what your house looks like when you're not expecting company.

The temptation is this:  be perfect.  be cute.  be monogrammed.  be pretty.  be caffeinated.

The reality is this:  comparison kills.  comparison frustrates.  comparison robs contentment of joy.

So do this: Be Real.

Whether it's an Insta, or a tweet, or a status that shows what you really deal with, someone out there will appreciate knowing that she (or he) is not the only one.

So get out there.  And be real.


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