Two Reasons Why I Don't Blog More and Two Reasons Why You Don't Get More Done

I pretty much love my blog.  I love to write and I have a million ideas.  So why aren't there more?  Here's why:
1)  I am too hard on my ideas.
Have  you ever had an original thought and said to yourself, "Eh, that's not such a great idea," and then forgot about it?  I am the worst about writing stuff down, so if I have an idea that I think will be the next Nobel prize winner for greatest blog post, I am soooo writing it down.  But that same idea has to go through a whole bunch of negative thoughts before it makes it to the Nobel prize list.

2)  I'm basically kind of lazy.  
And I may be talking about some other people out there, but especially ME.  If I get on the computer, I have to check my facebook and wow, look at this sweet video about a paralyzed puppy or people sitting in a ball pit having meaningful conversation, which by the way is time well spent.
So it's easy to get distracted and not be focused.

3)I want to tell God what He will and will not use to reach people. 
God has given me blogs that I got in front of and in all my mortal wisdom told God with my actions (I.e., not publishing ) that he couldn't possibly use a word He gave me to reach anyone. Stupid. I am learning to get out of the way already.

4. The Tyranny of the Urgent
This might be you! One thing that time-management people will tell you is to make a list and work through it, not letting minor incidents take priority over your whole day.  

Well, anyone that has had three children under 5 at one time will tell you, as I will, that sometimes things come up and they just have to be taken care of immediately, usually dealing with poop.

But now those three are now three children under 22, but I still take care of the urgent and the immediate first, which doesn't leave a lot of time for blogging, unless I have an amazing idea. (None of which involve poop.)

So today, you get a blog post.  I just got an idea for next week's, so next week you get a post too.  

Hey, by the way, thanks for reading.  I really appreciate all you readers.  Would you leave a comment with the name of your city?  I see that I have readership in India, China, Russia, Germany, and of course the US.  Leave me a funny comment and my next blog may be about you!


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