How to Turn a Chicken into a Chicken Quesadilla Without Even Trying - A Successfully Single blog post

Okay.  First things first, I'm a realist.  

There is a slim to none chance I am cooking every night, especially when my friends down at Publix are cooking rotisserie chickens ANYWAY.  I will go hunt and gather one for myself.  

But most fortunately, this post is not about my cooking.

This post is about a statement that makes me internally roll my eyes, or feel like I need to.  I smile/cringe when I hear a very well-meaning person say to a single person, "If you just stop looking, the right person will come along."  

Mike drop. And exit stage left.

If I walked into Publix and gazed lovingly at the rotisserie chickens just cookin ' away and said to the deli guy, "you know, if those chickens wait long enough, they will turn into chicken quesadillas all by themselves," he would probably shuffle off pretty quickly and wonder if I need medication. 

So why do people assume that if I, or any single person, wait long enough, I will magically meet the right person to marry?

I get that these people know of someone that AT THE VERY MOMENT SHE STOPPED LOOKING, she met Mr. I'm Right Some of the Time. And now they are married and currently looking for a house with a white picket fence. 

But you know what actually happens? When a single person decides to stop putting her life on hold and move on to maybe a ministry or some kind of school or even piano lessons, she becomes more of herself (or he, himself). Then she meets people with similar interests and she may become that person with that INSTANT (not) change in marital status. But she may not. 

But here's the thing-- she becomes one of those content people. She's happy with her life and wouldn't mind meeting Mr. I'm Actually A Pretty Great Guy but Take Vacation Time for the Draft, but it's no longer her primary focus.  Her focus shifts to things greater than herself and how she can be part of those things. 

Maybe some weekends are not soooo noble, but the weekends spent Netflixing with half a gallon of ice cream become fewer and fewer.  She's got too much to do...

... Which is really why rotisserie chickens exist. Who has time to cook every night when you can make your own chicken quesadilla?


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