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Footsteps, revised

You've probably heard of the poem, Footprints, where a person recounts his walk with Christ as footprints in the sand. He learns that when he thought he was alone, it's then that Christ carried him, leaving just one set of footprints. 
Great poem, but it leaves my ADD mind wondering how big God's feet are!.
I am spending a few glorious days with all of my children at Daytona Beach, which is an annual family trip. As they have gotten older, our activities and schedules have changed, leaving me now with a wonderful opportunity to take an early morning walk on the beach, while my college age children sleep in. 
Yesterday I llaced up my shoes and took off, ready for a walk with a beautiful view. I walked a mile one way and turned around to come back.
What I didn't expect to see was today's life lesson painted on a broad canvas   in front of me. 
I could see where my shoes had left their footprints on my trip out, but had inadvertently crossed over another random set of foot…