Four Places You Will Not Find Fat People

Supersize Me.  Fast Food Nation.

Alternately, the Whole 30.  Paleo.  Atkins.  Weight Watchers.  Trim Healthy Mama (THM).  Advocare. Mayo Clinic Diet.  Marie Osmond and NutriSystem.  Over one million results from a Google search of juicing.

All these address people who, by all means and measures, are probably clinically obese.  As a person who has heart disease on both sides of my family tree, I am concerned with how I eat and getting exercise. 

But without resorting to easy, popular topics like body shaming, the Kardashians, or celebrity cellulite, can we talk, people?  I ran across this on facebook and I literally laughed out loud. 

So with respect for skinny and fat people alike, I humbly submit my list of place you will NOT find fat people.  Besides places that are cold and you need body fat to survive.  (Just sayin'.)
1.Abercrombie and Fitch
Just don't even start me.  Stores that openly discourage non-size 2-8 from shopping in their stores have some serious, elitist insecurity issues.
2. Pinterest clothing pins
I am shocked and amazed at the lack of even normal weight people on Pinterest. And thigh gap?  Make it more like thigh great divide.  The word you're looking for?  Unnatural.  I like normal people and skinny people, but let's put more women in social media that don't look like they've starved themselves for the last two years.  Or better yet, let's just stop airbrushing ourselves into perfection and accept that people are flawed.  #crazytalk
3. Ads for products of a personal nature.
Where are the girls eating whole bags of chips during their PMS? I know you girls are out there.  And the commercials with girls in white bathing suits?  Talk about unreasonable expectations.  It even makes me chuckle a little. Bahahahaha.
4. Catalogs/sale flyers for clothing stores. 
Sure, clothes generally look great on stick figures. And you will occasionally see a size 14 "plus size model" in a flyer. A size 14 is closer to average, but where is the true representation of the 100 million women who wear size 14 or greater?

Here's my take on it all:  Be healthy.  Eat healthy food.  Move (more than off the couch to get food).  Love yourself for who you are, not what you look like.  Find your identity in Jesus Christ, who, by the way, says you are beautifully and wonderfully made. 

You're welcome.


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