The Absolute Last Thing Anyone Wants To Do

On the list of things I like to do:   (In no particular order) Eat pizza.  Take beach vacations. Spend time with all of my children.

On the "Not So Much" list:  Discuss my emotions, which leads me to today's blog post.

In conversation with the BFWKYBWYNI (Best Friend Who Kicks Your Butt When You Need It), I realized that these down and out emotions I have been having recently are pretty much legit. In the last year:
my dad died,
my youngest moved to her dad's,
my work underwent a major restructuring and reduction in force (and since I shuffle the papers in HR, dealt somehow with each one),
my relationship with an amazing man ended in a very non-fairytale way, and
my parents' home of thirty-eight years is on the market. 

So my BFWK....(you know)  said a normal person would be having a difficult time with all these changes.

So rather than taking out my emotions on a half-gallon of organic mint chip ice cream I know happens to currently live in my freezer, here's what I'm going to do:  Show some love.

I'm going to write some personal notes to people that I love and adore to express my thankfulness for what they do for me.
I'm going to take someone to lunch this week as a total surprise for him (or her).
I'm going to pray more extensively for my kids this week in the ways I already know about and ask them how I can specifically pray for them as we move forward.
I'm going to put a birthday hat on my dad's urn and celebrate his day by doing the things he would have liked, probably by grilling out a big steak and watching this obscure movie called Remo Williams. 

The list will likely grow this week, but basically I want to celebrate all the amazing ways God has blessed my life.  I'm so fortunate and I never want to forget that, despite the things that don't go the way I want them to.  PLUS, "all the feels" seem to circle back around to me, and I feel better and happier.

So I say all this as a preamble to an action step for you:  How can you step out of the things that are not going your way and celebrate the ways you are so blessed?  Take the time today to show some love to someone that could use a dose.  I think you'll see how it comes back to you, usually doubled.

And you just may find that this is the first thing you want to do. 


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