Three Reasons to Celebrate My Birthday


That's how I'm responding to birthday wishes this year.  Hashtags get some attention, and it's a fun way to say a lot in a few characters.  But there's an agenda behind it.

This year ends with me gaining some wisdom and a few battle scars that make my heart remember where I've been.  But another year begins, and I am more excited about this next year than I ever have been before.  Thus, three reasons why I'm uber excited about this next year (besides getting birthday cake).

1.  I'm becoming aware of my need:
Just like how I can hear my children call my name in a busy store, I realize my need to discern God's voice  and follow in obedience. I can hear a bunch of different kids say Mom, but I know when it's my child saying it. Likewise, I want to know what God says in His word to us, the Bible, so that I recognize the stirring of my heart when God moves in that still, small way.

2. I'm (trying) to move when God says move: 
God has given me big dreams, including one so big it can only be done by God intervening in space, time, and motion. 

But I have become convicted to do what God says do. I know my talents and how they can be used and I can dream big! I'm using Proverbs 16:3 as my verse with this: Commit your work to the Lord,and your plans will be established. 
Plus, who says that doing this giant thing is not the very reason God created me the way he did? 

3. I'm not alone:
One of my biggest fears as a single mom is being alone. Not like, ooh, scared of the dark alone, but having to do life by myself. 
And add to it I am super extroverted and need to be around people for energy. 
But God showed me through a very near brush with what would have been a terrible car accident that I am never alone and He is always with me. Making that leap to trusting God to be with me has been huge, and I have to work on it everyday. 

But these are my reasons to be SUPER EXCITED this next year. What lessons are you taking with you into your next trip around the sun?


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