Three Lessons from a Traffic Light

Like 14 trillion other people in the world, I have a commute from home to work every weekday.  Some statistical people say that we spend six months of our lives waiting at traffic lights.  So it seems normal that some kind of lesson should be learned during this six-month time frame. 

Here's three things to take away from your time sitting at a traffic light:
1.  Back off the caffeine already.
It is so inevitable that other drivers are going to be slower than you when you want to go fast, and other drivers are going to be driving way too fast and they need to stinking slow down, in your humble opinion.  And we all know that the person that is weaving in and out of traffic is going to be waiting for you at the next light.  So I would invite my gentle readers to just take a deep breath, calm down, and just take it easy.  It is all going to work out and you can get happy about it or you can stress about it.  I'd rather be happy.

2.  Don't worry, be happy.
If you look around at other drivers, the majority of them are not looking too happy.  The majority of them look like they are in some kind of stupor, which I can relate to, because I am not a morning person and at the end of the day, I am often just DONE and THROUGH, depending on the events of the day.  So why not listen to something funny or get an audiobook that is your brand of humor?  The Bible says that a merry heart doeth good like medicine, and that is also scientifically true.  Laughter releases endorphins, the body chemical that makes you feel good.  So take the time you drive to be a therapeutic day spa of funniness.  (Trust me, whoever is waiting for you at  home will be much happier to see a happy you.)  Here's a video to get you started:

3.  Just imagine if you had an hour every day to fill.  What would you do?  Learn conversational Spanish?  Develop your lip sync skills?  Learn more about sports?  Since take a nap is obviously not a choice while you are driving, what is your second choice?  I use the time that I commute to return phone calls (yes, actually talk to people), listen to motivational CDs, and I am here to tell you that I can lipsync most any 80's song.  So...what will you fill your time with?  Choose to use.  that is choose to use your time in a productive way that will make you feel a little better about the six months you are going to spend at a traffic light.

And seriously, back off the caffeine. 


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