RealToLife Week 2: A Vacation Foodnado Wrecks Havoc

So yeah. 
I would love to say that this week so far has been a win-win, but it's more like a when-when. When I plan to eat when I'm supposed to, it works out. When I exercise, it's great. But when life takes over, it's more like, when do you think you are going to lose weight doing this?

So when I last left you, gentle reader, I was riding high on a wave of euphoria, thrilled that I was able to rise with the sun to exercise.  I was feeling great and wanting to leap tall buildings in a single bound.  And then, Wednesday.

Coach Lindsey says it's toxins leaving the body, but they made a pit stop in my head and took up painful residence.  Like, I just want to take meds and a nap, in that order.  So no exercising Wednesday night.

Thursday we left to go to Panama City, avoiding the hordes of people descending upon our village like invading Norsemen, also known as the TPC, except they came in Mercedes and Tahoes.  It's a see and be seen; think Dick's Sporting Goods meets Ladies' Night, with some men wearing exceedingly questionable plaid pants and some women dressing to impress.  Although golf is a sport loved by many, the love is lost on this girl.  So instead of watching golf, we went to the beach.

As is fairly typical of our family, it took about two hours longer to leave than we anticipated, because of last minute things that must be done, less the world stop rotating on its axis --plant watering and such.  Without going into too much detail here, I pretty much threw my dieting caution to the wind as we passed the city limit sign.  Sigh.

We stayed with a family friend that is pretty much the hostess with the mostess.  What's a girl to do when faced with a delicious lemon cake?  Or world-famous party chicken?  Sure, our hostess did make several concessions to my diet efforts, but it was like a minefield of yummy food.  On one trip to the beach, we did stop at Sonic, Home of Diet Foods,  and I did order a grilled chicken wrap instead of a corn dog and cheesy tots.  I felt pride over my "not this, but that" choice.

For the win:  I did take a 2-mile walk Thursday night and a fairly rigorous walk on soft sand on the beach Friday.  And young son made me run part of the way on the beach.  He is beast mode.  He ran the whole way back, which was no short distance.  After about 100 feet, I was beat.  I walked the rest of the way back.

Also for the win:  I note that I actually want to drink water.  When faced with the opportunity to get a Diet Coke, as would be my modus operandi, I chose to get a giant bottle of water.  And I liked it.

I did take my 21 Day Fix and my Cize DVDs to do at my host's home, but the only DVD was in the main TV watching area and I felt not a little, but a lot self-conscious about doing them in front of even these very close friends.  I mean, there's nothing like sweating and grunting your way through an exercise DVD in the privacy of your own home.  Somehow, that "joy" does not translate to sweating and grunting on display for close friends and family.  The feeling was more like abject humiliation, kind of like saying, hey, come watch this fat girl sweat!  So thus the walking I mentioned earlier.

So, as my first full week draws to a close, I see where I need to improve:  Eat better, exercise more.  I have to tell you that it does feel self-defeating to eat the wrong things, because I know that my body keeps an accurate food journal and does not cheat on portion sizes or "forget" to write things down.  So far I have yet to lose any weight, but I feel like I have more energy and I am getting better at the routine of exercising.  So this next week, while I'm NOT on vacation, I am going to super focus on eating just the right things and in the right amounts.  Jesus take the wheel.


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