Letter to Lack of Simplicity

I think we started out with the right intentions, but I gotta tell you that things have gotten pretty screwed up. It seems like people live for what seems to be and not for what is right now.

Women spend hours looking at the internet and pinning things that they never plan on making or doing or that glorify the thigh gap, which is very un-mermaidlike IMHO.
 I personally have pinned many things on Pinterest, but it's funny things or inspirational quotes or things I actually have done, like recipes for a graduation party or decorating ideas for a 75th birthday party.
On the topic of Pinterest, why, if it is not picture perfect (like on the picture on the Internet), then is it a "Pinterest fail"? There's even whole websites for Pinterest fails.  I've seen some, and I can tell that the intent and the desire was there, but the interpretation needed more practice.  But not a total fail.
But here's the thing -- why does everything have to be perfect?  Why does a one-year old child need a birthday party with coordinated invitations, decorations, and  themed food?  I know of a woman, a single mom, who went to great expense and effort to create such an event for her one-year-old.  On the day of the blessed event, she was so stressed that she forgot to enjoy the party.
So I vote for slowing down, not trying to out-do the last thing you went to, and enjoy people more.
And why not send a hand-written thank you note every now and then?  I recently spent a lovely weekend with a friend who has a beautiful house on the water and she was a gracious and accommodating hostess.  That needs a hand-written thank you note.
And whatever happened to the dinner party?  It doesn't have to be one of crystal and china, but how about inviting some people over, eat some food together, and enjoy an evening of conversation and fun? 
Since I am on a ranting streak now, how about being a friendly neighbor?  That seems to have gone the way of the telephone booth. 
Wear the same clothes for a few years, of course replacing as things wear out. 
Remember birthdays, and not just on Facebook.  Bake a cake-- yourself.  Take it to the birthday person.
How about making it a priority to say please and thank you?  Those are very pleasant words that no one minds to hear. 
Listen to an eight year old tell a joke.  With no perceivable punch line. 
Ask someone aged seventy or older to tell you a story.
Calm down in traffic.  You're all getting to the light at the same time anyway.
Accept yourself for the amazing person you are.  No one has to look like a cover model, no one has to be the best or fastest or most superlative 100% of the time.  You are a wonderful creation.
So you be you.  You are pretty amazing.


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