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Yes You Can! 10 Encouragement Challenges for Families, Singles, and Teens

Who doesn't like to hear a good word about themselves?  I don't know of too many that don't!  Ironically, the people you spend time with the most are less likely to hear an encouraging word from you.  They should be the ones getting the brunt of your crazy encouragement superpowers!

Here are 10 Encouragement Challenges for just about anyone, but especially families, best friends, singles, and teens.

1.  On your commute to school or work, tell everyone in the car one thing that you sincerely like about him or her.  Then, everyone agrees to say at least one nice thing per hour to those at work or school until noon.
2.  Keep a stack of post-it notes at the place where you eat.  (Hopefully, this is a table.)  At breakfast, write down a number that will be your goal for how many times you plan to smile at people today. Put it in your place and check it when you eat dinner.
3.  If a special birthday is coming up, use a dry-erase marker or post-it notes to decorate the birthday p…