Yes You Can! 10 Encouragement Challenges for Families, Singles, and Teens

Who doesn't like to hear a good word about themselves?  I don't know of too many that don't!  Ironically, the people you spend time with the most are less likely to hear an encouraging word from you.  They should be the ones getting the brunt of your crazy encouragement superpowers!

Here are 10 Encouragement Challenges for just about anyone, but especially families, best friends, singles, and teens.

1.  On your commute to school or work, tell everyone in the car one thing that you sincerely like about him or her.  Then, everyone agrees to say at least one nice thing per hour to those at work or school until noon.
2.  Keep a stack of post-it notes at the place where you eat.  (Hopefully, this is a table.)  At breakfast, write down a number that will be your goal for how many times you plan to smile at people today. Put it in your place and check it when you eat dinner.
3.  If a special birthday is coming up, use a dry-erase marker or post-it notes to decorate the birthday person's bathroom mirror with favorite verses, funny inside jokes, and other messages of happy.
4.  At stores, sincerely compliment the cashier at least once.  Maybe it will be, "I like your hair" or "you are very quick at scanning" or something that is personal to him or her.  Smile when you say it.
5.  Cook food with the intention of taking it to someone.  Maybe it's cookies for a helpful neighbor, a meal for a family whose mom is very pregnant or sick, or a cup of coffee.  When was the last time someone in your family made your coffee and brought it to you?
6.  If you are a parent, use nothing but emojis to text a message of love to your child.  If you are a child, show your parent how to use emojis (if they don't already use them all the time).
7.  Take a moment to physically talk to someone on the phone.  Call him, and leave a voice message with a kind thought.  Do this every day for a week.
8.  Use your facebook or Twitter account to express something about your spouse or child that the world may not know.  Of course, discretion is needed, but tag your spouse or child so that their friends can see how well-regarded they are by you.
9.  Use household chores to show love!  Do something that your person either does not like to do or something that your person has really wanted done for some time.  This could be as simple as buying a wall calendar and putting it up or cleaning that cabinet that the honey spilled in back in 2014.  (Yes, this is true to life experience.  LOL)
10.  Saving the best for last:  THE $5 DATE:  Set a date night (or day) and set a budget of $5.  Go to a shopping center, mall, thrift store, etc. and spend two hours together spending that $5.  If you spend it up in 20 minutes, then you have 1 hour and 40 minutes to sit and talk.  Ask your person what their dreams are/goals are/most recent favorites are.  Don't bring up anything that will start a fight or annoyance. 

I challenge everyone that reads this post to take at least one of these encouragement challenges this week!  Respond in the comments how it went!  Some of this may seem silly, but when you intentionally invest time and energy into people, you are being an encouragement.  Way to go!!!!!

Have an amazing week and remember that you are loved like crazy!


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