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Friends IRL

I have a delicious friend, and I say that not because I put her into a 350 oven for 15 minutes with some chocolate chips, but because she is always the first to think of good hostess-y things to do.  Once I stayed at her house and she put some Hershey kisses, a personal favorite, on the bedside table while I wasn't looking.  What a treat to find those when I went to bed that night!  

This post is about real friends, or as the title would imply, friends in real life.  (I feel a little hip and cool using it as IRL.  I think that's what the cool millenials are doing now.)  

How valuable is a good friend!  Spending time with another woman who gets you and your ADD, or your crazy love of impulsiveness, or your inherent need for rules, balances your wild ideas with practicality, or even a common love for coffee; a friend who will get that crazy inside joke from that time when you did that thing.  

For example, same delicious friend found the opportunity to move with her work and we pro…