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Friends IRL

I have a delicious friend, and I say that not because I put her into a 350 oven for 15 minutes with some chocolate chips, but because she is always the first to think of good hostess-y things to do.  Once I stayed at her house and she put some Hershey kisses, a personal favorite, on the bedside table while I wasn't looking.  What a treat to find those when I went to bed that night!  

This post is about real friends, or as the title would imply, friends in real life.  (I feel a little hip and cool using it as IRL.  I think that's what the cool millenials are doing now.)  

How valuable is a good friend!  Spending time with another woman who gets you and your ADD, or your crazy love of impulsiveness, or your inherent need for rules, balances your wild ideas with practicality, or even a common love for coffee; a friend who will get that crazy inside joke from that time when you did that thing.  

For example, same delicious friend found the opportunity to move with her work and we proceeded to have a garage sale IN her apartment, which I do have to say was street level.  There are so many stories from that day, from a bus driver who parked a whole bus load of people outside while he shopped to a poor cat that had a "cat not for sale" sign inadvertently matted in her tail fur.  ( I seriously had no idea that the cat would try to get it off and get it stuck in her fur by trying to get this very helpful sign off.)  Every time my friend and I bring this up, or see a funny cat video (which, by the way, i wish there were more of on the Internet...said no one...) we might call each other and say Wasn't That The Craziest Day and How Funny.

By this time, you may be saying, "That sounds all great for you, but not for me."  I'm also going to guess that some excuse that involves time is brewing in your mind.  
Time is so key.  
Time for your spouse, time for your kids, time for your friends.  I'm not saying it's an easy juggle, but a very necessary one!

Could you:
Meet someone for lunch
take coffee to someone 
write a note 
plan a girl's night
have some couples over for game night (popcorn not optional)
take a kid out for a walk after dinner
spend time in carpool asking get to know you questions you got off the internet
make or buy baked goods for your neighbor and take them to him/her/them
Stop by your brother's house on the way home from work
Go window shopping with a great girlfriend who needs to talk 

Are you getting my point?  Doesn't have to involve spending money; does involve talking.  Like real talking with your mouth and sound comes out. (Possibly laughter.)  The joy that comes from being with another person is unmatched: to see their responses without the easiness of hiding behind a text; to truly laugh out loud; to let your words and facial expressions be the emojis and to not use a pound sign to lump experiences into just a few words, #friendgoals. 

Romans 12:10 says this:  "Love each other with brotherly affection.  Out do one another in showing honor."  So it's basically everyone's job to be a good friend, to reach out past a text and make a date to spend time together. 

You know, like friends IRL.

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