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10 Ways to be the Perfect Guy

I'm an expert.
If you add up the years I dated, got married, and am now available to date again, you're looking at 34ish years of experience.  I'm not going to count my kindergarten boyfriend Wesley or my third grade love John or my fifth grade crush Tim.  But I think my collective experience makes me an expert kind of like how a doctor becomes proficient in his or her field.  Lots of practice.

I am fortunate enough to know a number of men who have outstanding qualities that I admire each of them for -- and thus, my list.  Note:  inclusion in the list does not imply there has been a romantic relationship, just admiration for a particular quality.

GUYS-- If you want to be absolutely irresistible to women, take my advice and work on the following:
1)  Be totally reliable and trustworthy. 
My friend Tom, even though we've never dated, is so admirable.  Our joke is that I am a damsel in distress and he is the knight in shining armor that invariably has rescued me on more …

6 Ways the South Can Change the Post-Election World

All of my life, I have been part of a very Southern family, with all of the good and bad that comes with that.  I've strung tobacco on a stick to be hung to cure and worn taffeta crinolines that swish when you walk. I've churned butter and been to a cane grinding. I've witnessed racism and experienced the greatest levels of hospitality.  Through all of this, I'm very proud to be an American.

I love that people put their hands over their hearts during the national anthem.  I love the spirit of the American people that brings them together when life gets really tough.  I love visiting the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and seeing the lone guard that stands watch over it, symbolically memorializing those that have been lost in battle but not forgotten.

With a President-Elect chosen, there are likely to be changes and some will affect how you live. 

There are countless problems in our country, and I could easily list what I believe the top ten without stopping for breath.  B…