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Dating Advice for the Definitely Not Dead #3

Another exciting week for the DND (Definitely Not Dead)!  I have some people who think I am crazy and some who are loving the advice.  So keep sending those emails!

Today's column is specifically different because there is a topic that I am going to address from a distinctly Biblical perspective.  So if you are not a believer in Jesus Christ, you will probably and definitely disagree with me and that's okay.  Also, if you are not an adult, this is really not for you. Stop reading now.

But before we jump in to that, here's our first question, from a reader we'll call Roach Motel.  The roaches move in, and they just don't move out!  So here's the question:

Q:  What are some red flags that should send me running from a potential relationship?

A:  This can be a subjective question because there are personal preferences that either are a giant NO in your dating book or you may have some grounded beliefs that you are not moving from.

For example, I know a guy who won…

Dating Advice for the Definitely Not Dead #2

Wow!  The first week of the dating advice column blew up my inbox with questions on everything!  (And I do mean everything.)

A number of women have commented that they have gotten away from being the pursued because they have to be these aggressive women in the corporate workplace.  That may be true for you.  But as you already know, what's good for one is not always good for another!    So keep on letting those men pursue you!  You will get a man who really wants to be with you.  Men, you will know if she is a patient person and willing to wait for the best (that's you).

So without any further ado...

Q:  Who should pay?
A:  There are about as many opinions on this as there are noses (or other apertures), so here is my semi-professional opinion:  (And there are two parts to this answer, so read the whole thing) Not only should the MAN plan the first five dates, he should also pay for them.  Here's my reasoning:  Mr. Wonderful has pursued Miss Fabulous and, since she has …

Dating Advice for The Definitely Not Dead

Gentle readers, we are about to embark on a wonderful journey of dating and education, like a date-ucation.

I have accumulated a large number of questions from inquiring minds that want to know, so what you are about to read is dating advice for those 40-ish and 50-ish.  Maybe older, IDK.  But I know that people in this age range are DEFINITELY not dead and are actively dating.  Some just a little more cluelessly than others.

So, without any further ado.... and I look forward to reading your comments.

Q:  How do you know it's a date, and not just two people doing the same thing together as friends?
A:  In today's world, there is a lot that a person has experienced by the time he or she has hit their 40's and older.  Part of that experience is undoubtedly rejection, and that can even range from not getting as many likes as you would like to a brutal rebuff of unrequited love that is announced in a painfully public place.
So it shouldn't come as a huge surprise, Alex T…