Dating Advice for the Definitely Not Dead, #6 -- What It Means, and What You're Looking For

So glad to be back at  my keyboard this week!  Last week was a terrible upper respiratory infection that was the bane of my existence, subsiding just now.  I hope you enjoyed the post from the online dating diary and I have exciting news about that coming soon!

But today's question comes from an inquiring female mind:
Q.  "You use that phrase 'accessible and friendly' pretty regularly (in reference to how women should act).  What exactly does that mean and how would I know what that looks like?"

A.  This is a great question!  But let's start by looking at the way things go down, as I see it: Women are either ambivalent toward dating at this age (been there, done that) or maybe a little too aggressive.  And it's not completely their fault, either.  Women who have to compete in the world of commerce have to stand up or get run over.  So it's an occupational hazard to become a go-getter, which is not a bad thing at all!

However, when it comes to dating, a woman has to reconsider her position and her approach to things.  Men are hardwired to be pursuers, hunters; anything that's too easy must not be very worthy and they only want the best.  So what's a woman to do?  Be accessible and friendly.

Note:  this video is not completely family friendly.
Accessible means that you are within their reach.  Of course, thanks to the infamous hot/crazy scale video, men are generally looking for a 7-9 on the hot scale and a 6 or less on the crazy scale.  So be where men are that you want to get to know and strategically place yourself to be in the right place at the right time.

Friendly is just that.  Be nice, think of others, talk to people.  Seriously, no one you want to date is going to be attracted to a woman who is cold and unfriendly.

Okay, short post today, but I am working on a thing that will make you glad you check your computer on a Wednesday!  By the way, don't miss a single Flying Pants by putting your email in that little box to the right.

Get out there and date!  I've got your back.


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