I'm Sure Stranger Things Have Happened - Dating Advice for the Definitely Not Dead

If you have been a follower of the Flying Pants for a length of time, then you know I am not exactly  a supporter of online dating.  I just have personally had a pretty terrible experience.  But last year, about this time, after posting a blog entitled 10 Ways to Know Your Online Date is a Scam, I had a hailstorm of people writing and telling me that their brother's friend's mailman knew someone that had found LOVE on the internet.

So, as a response to this hailstorm, I set out to prove how hard it is to meet someone online with the Online Dating Diary posts (see a featured post to the right of this column).  I spent a month genuinely trying to contact men to make a dating connection and reported it back to you, the Flying Pants reader.

Those posts absolutely wrote themselves because I met so many weird/"interesting" men.  I still hear about Mr. Talks A Lot and the blind guy that liked to go to strip clubs.  In fact, I still hear about those posts and get requests to "do it again."

So, as we come upon the first anniversary of the dating diaries, I decided that I would take one for the team AGAIN and do another month-long dating diary.

I have to carefully choose a dating site, because I want it to be one that is reputable and gives me a reasonable chance of meeting someone while being obscure enough to not be discovered during the month.  So obvi choices like Match and Christian Mingle are out.  I did settle upon one and actually started about two weeks ago, so I could get the posts written ahead of time.

Well, the inevitable happened.

I met online and conversed with a number of men,  but there were actually FOUR men that were great and employed and normal and didn't use the word "cuddle."  So I was actually in a quandary; did I just write about them and not let them know about the blog?  Did I try to date them all?  Or do I just keep meeting people and not pursue them at all?

Well, fortunately, one rose to the top and emerged as the frontrunner.  So guess what?  I went on a date.  And I like him.

He doesn't love Trump but he's not a Democrat.  He is a little ornery but he thinks I'm pretty great; he's a talker but not super extroverted like me.  He's just the right height, is willing to try my cooking, and he loves Kentucky football and basketball.  He does not have a Facebook account, in case you wanted to try to stalk him. We're in the "so far, so good" phase and we have two other dates scheduled.

As much as I did not want to admit this, a person can find a date via online dating.  So I guess I take back everything I ever said.

So get out there and date!  I've got your back.  (By the way, I used a site called Zoosk this time.  I like it because you have to take a video to prove your pictures are really you. Give it a try if you're looking.)


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