Friday Dating Diary

Welcome to the Dating Diary.
This started about 18 months ago as a social experiment to demonstrate how difficult it is to meet people online.  I wish I could say that I craft these stories so well, that I am a riveting storyteller.  But these diary entries just write themselves.

I got started on a completely different dating site than I have ever been on.  No, I don't say which one it is because I try to maintain some sense of anonymity.  But I've already run into two men from my church, so it will probably get out.  But until then, it's a secret.

I have to tell you that I am NOT photogenic at all, so I don't take 50 selfies to get a "good one."  I took what I thought were the best and fairly recent and slapped 'em up there.  Wrote the obligatory profile that is not too short and not too long, not too independent and not too needy.  Opened up the parameters for a search and BOOM.

Overnight I got a message from a man we'll call Mr. Feets.  It was a pretty regular hi, how are you, how long have you been on this site, etc.  I respond and then the very next message is "I'd like to be your foot slave."

Oh my.  I am a little perplexed and not exactly understanding where this was going, so I respond: "Is this like a foot fetish thing or a fem dom thing?"  He answered back that it could be both.

Now you all have to understand that not only do I come from the most white bread of backgrounds, I also have what I consider to be big feet.  So the last thing I am even vaguely interested in is the activities he described in not too much detail, thank goodness.  But apparently the bigger, the better in his book.  So I decline as politely as possible.

Then came the Ex.  Not my Ex, but the ex-husband of someone I have just recently come back into friendship with after a long hiatus of not being in contact.  I didn't know that he was the Ex.  We chatted online and everything seemed to be going swimmingly, so we arranged a "meet and greet," which in online dating terms is "a quick date to see if you look anything like your profile picture and if you are a normal, cool person."  It's in conversation at the meet and greet that it comes up that I know his exwife.


But I thought it would be okay and plus, it's just a meet and greet.  But looking back, there is NO WAY it could have not been incredibly awk if we ever ran into each other.

We did go out one more time and I thought it went well, but we just briefly texted after and then yeahhhhhhhhh.  Crickets.  But it's okay.  He was actually about an inch shorter than me and a really cool guy, but maybe just a little too chill for me.

I don't know what kind of list I am on, or how the algorithms of this website work, but I am also getting a number of contacts from the Dallas/Ft. worth area.  Seeing as how a long-distance relationship is the last thing I want,  I am not really pursuing these at all.   But I will respond if someone sends me a message, because I think it's the polite thing to do.

Oh.  And then there's The Author.  I had just accepted a date with the Ex when the Author asked me to go out, so I declined and he offered his phone number "just in case."  We had a meet and greet for lunch and he has actually published a number of books.  There's still a lot to know, but I'm working on it and we'll see how it progresses!

Hey, love you guys like crazy and remember, keep on dating--I've got your back.


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