New Clothes for the Flying Pants

Hey friends, I'm back.

The Flying Pants is getting ready to under go an overhaul.  It's time for some change.

Pretty soon it will look different as far as color, etc.  But starting Friday, you can expect to see some change in what you read.

You, gentle reader, will be served up with a delicious assortment of reading goodness.  Monday will start a new series called 10 Questions -- pretty much what it seems.  I ask interesting people 10 questions and you get to see a slice of life different than your own.  Wednesdays will be what I started the Flying Pants to be: life observations with some humor and some Bible.  But then Friday will mark the return of the most popular post ever on the Pants -- Dating Diary.

As you can imagine, and as has happened before, Dating Diary is writing itself.  It never amazes me to see the variety of people out there in online dating world.

So tune in Friday for the first of Dating Diary.  Something that I have NEVER run into was pretty much my first contact.  And I'm not sure that this general topic is child-friendly, so you may want to read this in the privacy of the bathroom or wherever you go to escape kids.

Thanks again for being the best readers EVER and I look forward to serving up some posts you'll be glad you read and will come back to read again and again.


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