Some questions are awkward to answer; some questions are hard to answer.  Some are just stupid -- there is such a thing as a stupid question, no matter what your mom says.  

I remember that one of the first questions I can remember asking my mom was, "Can I dye Easter eggs in my room?"  I'm pretty sure the answer was no, but I did it anyway.  Hey, what's a girl gonna do for fun in October?

NOTE:  Every question below was submitted by an actual person/parent (not me).

Funny/strange/weird questions people I know have been asked:
To bald men:  Do you know you're losing your hair?  OR Have you thought about growing your hair out?

To people with familiar names:  To Michele Tanner:  "Like on Full House?"  Or to a guy whose last name is Amodeo:  " Is it like that song Rock Me Amadeus?"

To people with noticeable physical characteristics:  "Are your eyes really that blue?"  "Why are you so tall?"  "Are those your real teeth?"  "Are you pregnant?"  (NOTE:  unless you know someone personally and know already that they are pregnant because she has announced it to you, don't EVER ask.  Not even if she looks like she is ready to POP.) "Are your eyebrows that color naturally?"  "Do you have lip fillers?"  "Do you have hair extensions?  I don't remember your hair being that long."  "Are those all your real eyelashes?"

To people with various child scenarios:  "Are those all yours?"  "Do you know how that happens?"  "Do you live in a shoe?"  "Do they all have the same father?"  "Is she/he your biological child?" (Often asked if a child is noticeably not of the same coloring as the parent present.)

To homeschoolers:  "Are you going to do that through high school?"  "Do they get socialized?"  "How can you do that with that many kids?"  "Do you have a teaching degree?"  "Is that legal?"  "Are you going to be able to go to college?"

Questions parents ask children:
Did you take the dog out?
Did you take the trash out?
Did you change your underwear?
Did you brush your teeth?
Do you need to go potty?
Why are you peeing on your sister?
Are you wearing that?
Who left this here? (applies to anything left laying around)
Do you have a job?
When are you getting married?
Do you need help organizing your finances?

Questions kids ask about The Talk and other items:  Why do you keep having sex if you already have kids?   Why would you do that?  Do we have to talk about this?  Are Victoria's Secret clothes just for sex?  Do you stand up or sit down?  Can you get pregnant if you French kiss?  Do I have to kiss girls?  (Asked by one of the cutest 6-year old boys I know.)

Sometimes questions are good; sometimes questions are stupid and make the asker look like a moron.  

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