10Questions -- What is R, I, and C?

A pirate's favorite letters, of course!

I had the privilege of sitting down with Brian Pratt, who is a pirate with The St. Augustine Swashbucklers in the city of St. Augustine, Florida.  The St. Augustine Swashbucklers found its start in 2001 by noted Pirate Historian, Joe Osteen. The Crew of 90 plus members is a group of likeminded individuals whose purpose is Charitable Work, Community Involvement and at times Pirate Entertainment, and for 15 years have maintained a strong history and purpose.  And a little scoundrel pirate fun.....

Q:  So who are you, and what do you do?

A:  Brian Pratt, I'm a firefigher for the Department of Defense and I'M A PIRATE....

Q: Scary!  But surely there are good things about being a pirate, especially in beautiful St. Augustine.  What's the best and worst thing about being a pirate?
A:The children. The thing I enjoy most is interacting with the children.  They're so fun.  The worst thing about being a pirate is being dressing up like a pirate in 100-degree weather.  It's hot.  And sweaty.  Like a pirate should be.

Q: Do people make the same jokes, like, all the time?
A:  Yes, for sure.  Most of the time it's "What's a Pirate's favorite letter?" which could be AYE, or ARRGGHHH, OR C, (sea).  And of course there's always X, for X marks the spot where the treasure be!

Q: How does a person train to be a pirate, for all those Johnny Depp wannabes out there?
A:  You have to go through a one-month course, a history course, that teaches you all the history of St. Augustine.  Other than that, if you have any singing, dancing, or acting talent, then it's just that much easier.

Q:  With this singing, are you on a boat?  On the street? 
A: Yes.  To all of that.  (He smiles a pirate-y smile).  I work on the ship, the Black Pearl, out of St. Augustine; I work on St. George Street primarily, and I work for all the charity events we do in and around Jacksonville.

Q:  So you just spread pirate-y goodness all over with  your pirate-y self?
A:  Yes.  But it's not all goodness; (and he says with twinkle in his eyes) there's a little bad pirate in us all.

Q:  That's good to know.  :)  Okay, you're a firefighter by day; are there any firefighter skills that you bring to being a pirate?
A: No, except that it's hot in a fire and it's hot in a pirate get-up in July outside.  

Q:  So you're used to being hot? 
A: Yes.

Q: Let's say that I want to become a pirate performer.  Is it a thing, or would you recommend against it? Can it be a full time job?
A:  If you like interacting with the public, and children, and like raising money for charity, then being a pirate in St. Augustine is what you should do.  But it's not a full-time job-- unless you're a thieving pirate.  

Q:  What organizations do The St. Augustine Swashbucklers raise money for?  
A:  We have recently raised over $32,000 for local charities of St. Augustine, including Dreams Come True, Muscular Dystrophy, the Hurricane Matthew relief fund, and even run a Christmas toy drive for our local kids.  

Wow!  Who'da thunk?  If you want to contact The St. Augustine Swashbucklers, LLC, for a charity event or for any piratey entertainment, look them up on their Facebook page, searching for The St. Augustine Swashbucklers.  And of course, keep your eyes peeled for rogue pirates and saucy wenches whenever you are in St. Augustine.  



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